Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.
—Jonathan Swift

After a professional eighteen-year career in business management, I decided to pursue my passion—the art and world of interior design. As long as I can remember, interior design has always sparked joy in me—whether it’s re-designing my own home or homes of friends/family or their businesses. The process of transforming an ordinary space to a space that reflects the owners’ life stories and sense of purpose is not only exhilarating but also meaningful. While the transition came with uncertainties, an opportunity to turn my passion into a profession was realized when a real estate broker recognized the work of a friend’s home which I staged. He believed she had hired a professional interior decorator to prepare her home to sell. The rest, as they say, is history. My decision to make the transition permanent was solidified after my last staging project was completed. Within 12 hours of the completion of staging a previously vacant house, three offers were made and the property was sold within two weeks after being listed on the market.

With my management background combined with my passion for creativity, my knowledge of feng shui, and an eye for detail and design enable me to provide effective staging solutions and redesign techniques. I work within your specific needs and budget. I understand home buyer demographics, focus on the architectural features of a house, and create a purpose for every space with the strategic placement of furniture and accessories. My goal is to help you sell your house quickly and for top market value.

My work not only includes home staging for sale but also personal interior design. If you’re looking to create a space that is harmonized and reflective of your personality/character of you and your family, I am here to help. Being able to creatively repurpose is both economically and socially sustainable. With the disharmony that the modern lifestyle can create, more people are turning to different approaches to living, in an effort, to redress the balance. Feng shui offers an opportunity to achieve joy, health, and happiness by living in harmony with our environment, regaining control and calmness over the everyday stresses, and promoting serenity and success. Incorporating simple but effective elements of feng shui into your home décor creates more balanced, harmonious living.

Tany Teas-Lim,
InfuZen Design Founder

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